On Titles and Naked Streets

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I didn’t name the blog after that quote, but finding it on Pinterest was nearly serendipitous. I haven’t explained the name yet because I’ve been reconciling my feelings inside with what will appear on the blog.

Have you seen Disney Pixar’s Inside Out yet? It’s a cute, animated look into the emotions that control us. The ultimate takeaway is that you cannot have joy without sadness. Sure, there’s a sprinkling of other emotions in there, but sometimes your happiest memories can change to sad ones.And that’s ok.

I feel like that’s my life. So many happy memories, turned into sad moments in time. Part of me thinks I’m no longer allowed to look at them with the same level of happiness. It’s been two years of feeling like I’m half happy.

I hate waiting so long for things to change. I’m not one to let time heal—what if time takes 20 years? I’ll regret wasting it. So the blog has started out a little on the sad side. The changes. The emotions. The truth of what it’s like to be me right now.

It’s a longer way of getting to a response to the folks who see me as a strength. Who see me as absolutely fine. Or who see me as only struggling. There’s an awful lot that goes into this stage of life—and all of those emotions sort of play off one another. They’re necessary. They’re going to make me…. stand up against the wind.

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You cannot have joy without the sadness.

Writing it down. Experiencing it. Being honest. It’s a lot like walking down the streets naked. I’m vulnerable and open. It’s like starting over… and there’s never a bad time to start your second chance.

You’re reading mine. 

Welcome to Naked in the Streets.

On Titles and Naked Streets